Jan Johnson


Jan Johnson has worked as a journalist in television, radio and newspapers.  Her fiction  appears in Phantasmagoria, Coe Review, Skylark, Wascana Review, Spire, Pinyon, Lily, and Antigonish Review.  Her nonfiction has appeared in Moxie

Johnson's story "I Was a Teenage Warrior Saint" appears in Square Lake Number Four.  Of that story, she says, "“My inspiration came from awarding a high school student from an Oregon timber town a trip to research station in Belize for winning an essay contest on what teens can do about climate change and greenhouse gases.  That has to be a tough cause to champion in her hometown.  That night in a Coos Bay motel room, I had a dream of Joan of Arc.  Ever since then, I haven’t been able to get Joan – and other strong, courageous young people – out of my mind.  I tried to use Joan’s actual language recorded during her trial and to stay as true to the real characters in her life as possible.” 

She lives and works in Portland, Oregon.

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