Marge Piercy


Marge Piercy is the author of Colors Passing Through Us (Knopf) and fifteen previous collections of poetry including What Are Big Girls Made of?, The Art of Blessing the Day, and Early Grrrl, a collection of early and uncollected poetry brought out by Leapfrog Press in 1999.  She has written sixteen novels, all still in print. Her most recent novel of sixteen is The Third Child (Morrow/Harper Collins). Her memoir, Sleeping With Cats, was published by Morrow/Harper Collins in January 2002.   A CD of her political poetry, Louder, We Canít Hear You [Yet], has just come out from Leapfrog Press.

Her poem "Housed in Winter" appears in Square Lake Number One, "In Ambivalent Courtship" in Number Two, "The Bone Pit" and "In Late Afternoon" in Number Four, and "In St. Mawes" in Number Five.


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