Pamela Schoenewaldt


Pamela Schoenewaldt lives in Knoxville, TN, where she is Writer in Residence at the University of Tennessee and teaches fiction and professional writing at UT. Previously, she lived in Naples, Italy for ten years. Her short stories have appeared in Belletrist Review, Bianco su Nero (Italy), Carve, Cascando (U.K.), Crescent Review (winning the Chekhov Prize for Short Fiction), Iron Horse Literary Review, Mediphors, Mondogreco, New Letters, New Millennium Writing, Literary Lunch, Paris Transcontinental, Pinehurst Journal, and Women’s Words. Her one-act play in Italian, “Espresso con Mia Madre,” (Espresso with My Mother) was produced at Teatro Cilea, Naples. Her novel in progress is a memoir of a 12th Century Sicilian empress. She lives with her husband, Maurizio, and daughter, Emilia.

Her short story  "Her First Bulgarian Occupation" appears in Square Lake Number Three.


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