David Thornbrugh


David Thornbrugh, a Ring of Fire poet who’s left footprints in San Francisco, Portland, Vancouver B.C. and Tokyo, says "I write poetry to organize my thoughts, to understand or clarify my emotions, to keep despair at bay.  I write poetry to push back the darkness a millimeter or two, to breathe a little oxygen onto the fire.  I write poetry because I feel incomplete if I don’t."  He lives in Green Lake and makes the rounds of Seattle open mikes.  He has a new chapbook out, What’s Needed.

Thornbrugh's poems "Clean Sheets for Dreaming" and "The Venus of Willendorf" appear in Square Lake Number One, and "Summer Days" and "Charting the Sparks" in Number Four.  He reviewed  Charles Potts's Across the North Pacific for Number Three and Sam Abrams's The Old Pothead Poems for Number Four. 

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