Travis Catsull



last sunday at church

reverend mike was taken

off by the cops


couple demons in blue

put silver halos

on the reverend’s wrists

and the reverend called out,


"let me tell you something

people...! when Jesus sings

even the devil dances...

not out of mockery,

but out of envy and admiration

of pure and unadulterated beauty!"


I tell you them pews was silent,

faces gasped

as they marched the reverend

to the squad car


I tell you that church

floor echoed their steps

like it was made

of petrified bibles


then we prayed

to that big,

lonely cross

and one day

reverend mike came back

and gave the best sermon

about how gypsies, whores and car thieves

steal away at the hidden parts of our hearts

and even in the walls there lurks

that chuckling devil clown


finally the gossip

’bout the reverend ceased

and a sweet sympathy

slipped into the voice

of our hymns and our prayers


least till the reverend

was hauled off


Copyright © 2003 Travis Catsull.  All Rights Reserved.

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