Jeremy Behreandt





Quixotically trying to save every undes

 erving observation believing said ac

 t to be noble for all its futility w

 hisking empty details ripped from co

 ntext to a perch where they can catc

 h breaths & mock churning years of h


Unevenly spreading these remnants aroun

 d a thick crust baked over emotions

 remnants encased in seeds but cracke

 d open crushed into powder & mixed i

 nto paste

Innocent thoughts are brewed from poten

 t concoction tumble down through cle

 nched guts afraid to eat a single gr

 am of fat are beaten & flogged until

 sore until broken down & perverted

Empty gesture calculated because a pair

 of eyes are watching situation const

 ructed around place mats & straws be

 nt to be houses or cages where dead

 couples or drunk loners will never r


Timbers fall & are pulped so some may h

 ave a voice for others to hear plain

 ly put fear constricts vocal cords i

 n unique & unexpected ways sheets up

 on sheets are scoured w/ ink shared

 briefly & tossed away no second gues

 sing because the second draft is sup

 posedly guaranteed

Copyright 2003 Jeremy Behreandt.  All Rights Reserved.

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