J. Glenn Evans



Just a poor farm boy and small town kid

Dentists were not a thing of importance

Childhood teeth fell out and I grew new ones

Good strong enamel who needed dentists

If it don’t hurt don’t bother with it

That’s how important dentists were to me

Joined the Air Force, met two pull ’em out Janes

A first lieutenant and a captain

Damnedest good looking brass I ever seen

From their conversations they had dates

With a major, the other a colonel

While this brass worked on my teeth they talked

About the virtues and manliness

That the good major and colonel had

In between they talked about my teeth

The captain said I think we should pull this one

The lieutenant said and that one too

They’re both too much trouble to fill

Yes and see those others, they should go too

Then the captain said to the lieutenant

The colonel has the bigger car

But I bet the major drives better, eh


Copyright © 2002 J. Glenn Evans.  All Rights Reserved.

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