Trent Busch



Man sitting in tie at breakfast

table. Raising a cup, profiled

before a window, hair gray at

the temple, forty, cheek ruddy.

Split screen left: shadow, garbled voice

telling a story, confession.

Smoke from a cigarette? rollers?

Terry cloth robe. Unrepenting.

Fade. Up. White dress and tuxedo,

photographer. White shoe in mid-

step. Car gained. Door opened. Faces

young. Smiles plural in rear mirror.

Fade. Shadow. Voice: "Nothing against

you, Albert." Fade. Up. Car in ditch.

Snowing: "Only you, Albert. ‘Chains,’ I

said. Totally incompetent."

Male cardinal on branch outside

the window. Dun companion. Flits

off. Cocked head. Twice pecking. Flits off.

And fade. The branch is left quivering.

Copyright © 2003 Trent Busch.  All Rights Reserved.

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