My name Blenheim

I live country

I grow fast

My voice change

Shoot crows west field

Three heap feet

Blood beaks snow cools

See surveyors

Level string book truck

Paper told make Lakeway

Summer watch blast

Drill blast

Dumpers orange green wiggle heat

Cut west down rock pink rock new

Scrapers push long time fall

Flat ground sticks and strings

Rollers go roll ho ha slow

Apple time conkreet in boxes

Put hay there rain dry rain hay gone

Ohh itís snake

Drains deeviders signs

Wait all winter

I stand overpass

Look south my arrow

Whiteybrown so small to nothing

May opened it

Here we go Dad said

I hear watch all summer

Apple time

Friday supper over I stand look

Come up hill

Ever of cars

Trucks slow loud

Luminum busses

Tops go under

See famblies

Alone people

Two front seat

Girls lap

Some wave

I never

Hurt spark lights come

Turn hill red ones go

Orchard looks white face


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