Marvin Friedenn



Anthroculture: on the growing and harvesting of humans. Dry them when they’re wet. Wet them when they’re dry. Mate them when they can wet and dry themselves.

Did you know that every human arose as the result of an act which is illegal if performed in public? As if we wished to obscure the fact that people are causa sui and therefore responsible for the world they make.

"Hello Joe, hello Harriet, nice to run into you fucking in Boston Commons." "We have a fucking license to fuck anywhere we want so long as we don’t make a fucking nuisance of ourselves."

Aphrodite, goddess of orgasm, promises, "If I like, I luck your fuck, load your life with favor. You on your part will repay me by setting up in a prominent part of your city a statue of a couple fucking. If, however, you demur or are prevented, I’ll narrow your imagination so that sex will seem dirty; so that when you hear the word ‘sex’ you’ll immediately think ‘police.’"

Riddle: A family produces me. A state identifies me. Beyond the frontier of identity I belong to myself.

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