Beth Rawden



you are born thinking about everything

deeply, no matter what, and while building it up

you wonder mother am I the only one stuck in-

side are there others am I me inside or my

name because I know what they tell me

to know because I learned to spell

my name with a smile while stuck

inside but outside the door he said
come in come be redeemed

come become medicine my name is

in his name over the door I believe

in preventative medicine youíre doing

the right thing youíre an intelligent young
Hello help me get rid of this inside this

name my mother gave me, see she

spanked me until I smiled in the spelling

of what is outside the door is redemption

from this coldness inside smiling but what if I become

medicine inside what if everything is medicine

not redemption what if I am either all or nothing

at all because Iíve destroyed the in between but

everyone else is still stuck in it and itís called sanity itís called


Copyright © 2002 Beth Rawden.  All Rights Reserved.

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