Dennis Formento


Dennis Formento is the publisher of Surregional Press and the author of five chapbooks. A sixth, Ra Blues Are, is forthcoming from Umteen Press in New Orleans.  He sometimes performs his work with free-jazz band THE FRANK ZAPPATISTAS "outside jazz with a poet inside") .  With movement artist Nanette Ledet, he is currently working on a “cosmo-drama” featuring the poetry of New Orleans ex-pat and original beat poet, Bob Kaufman..  His poem "In Memory of James Black" appears in PlungeExquisite Corpse  has  "Ecologisms" and also "The Golden Triangle:  An Interview with James Nolan."    His poems and ecologisms are on-line at  Muse Apprentice Guild.   Formento is editor of Mesechabe:  The Journal of Surregionalism.  

His poem "49 Reasons" appears in Square Lake Number Two,   "Le Meschacébé (Palmer in the Pocket)" in Number Three, and "The Big Blue Marble" in Number Five.  His reviews of of Richard Martin's Marks and Anne Blonstein's The Blue Pearl are in Three and Five..


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