Frank Johnson





          (as we make love for the last time)


you sparkle the black bed

you sex nifty


I am running the darkness

I close my eyes and I see

    illuminated manuscripts

    yellow asters blue asters goldenrod

    displaced healers on the barrens


you dismantle time in your cunt

you sex nifty you do


I am beyond the killing distance

so way jackfruit I voodoo see

    lightning birds in the moonglade

    rum over caribbean waves

    wood-and-ice merchants in montreal


oh your third-rail lips

your legs in the line of fire


we hardly know (each other anymore)

our lamps are going off slowly

    red liqueur between your thighs

    the roses of socialism in the night

    prophets strolling down from the highlands


but you sex nifty babe yes


Copyright 2003 Frank Johnson.  All Rights Reserved.

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