Frank Johnson





these are dangerous times you know

but just because

just because

don’t wolf me away at dawn


I happen on you now

these Renoir days

I love you when you bathe

I love you by the yellow cove

I love you at the graveyard

and beyond Elizabeth beyond

I want your absolute geography

you are the autumn of my latitude


you are judge and the condemned

rings fly from your fingers

you are police and thief

you tell me the heart has reasons

that reason doesn’t know

you give me Simone de Beauvoir’s soap

from La Louisiane Hotel

(you are shrink and loony-tunes)


as your mother would say

we are interesting if true


people are dying in Sarajevo you know

eating their own clothing for nutrition

and I cry where you cannot see

    for Bosnia Somalia Los Angeles


Elizabeth you are the gentle sniper aiming at me


we’re in cahoots babe

these Renoir days

I need your williwaw breasts

and your chaos that might make me sane again

you are the autumn of my catastrophe

believe that


Copyright © 2003 Frank Johnson.  All Rights Reserved.

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