Doug Bolling



Time moved among them like the

silence of death. The road rushed

past them like a dream remembered,

forgotten. The carnival arrived

and pitched its tents where darkness

had been. Music and animals and bought

things promised no ending.

A thousand ponies danced in their

portion of grass bordered by white

fences that spoke only of laughter.

Everywhere the dead walked with a

mindlessness secured by bright shoes

and the innocence of folded calendars.

Clowns borrowed from other worlds

turned sorrows into the sweetness of

confetti and balloons that only passed


There was a peacefulness through the

galactic plane that boded well for

earth, its small occupants lingering

by the ticket booths of dark secrets.

Love was in the air waiting only

to be touched.

Copyright 2002 Doug Bolling.  All Rights Reserved.

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