Greg Darms


         THE EVENT

After Richard Misrach, "The Desert Cantos"

Some of us are here to watch, most

of us are here to watch for what to

watch. We have camped out on

the cracked saline earth in a row

along the line they set for us.

Comfort stations are available

on the horizon. It will be history.

There is a lot of waiting. There is time

to polish the shell of the Airstream,

the Winnebago, the Cherokee.

Look at all the empty folding chairs.

Too hot to sit still, not knowing

when it will happen. We have brought

coolers and drinks, we are prepared.

We have plenty of beer, and we

expect the landing to be memorable.

If everything goes as expected,

it should happen soon.

Copyright 2002 Greg Darms.  All Rights Reserved.

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