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SQUARE LAKE was started by Seattle novelist L.A. Heberlein and Seattle poet Carrington MacDuffie to promote experimental work, what Heberlein calls "work that makes us reconsider."

"The function we'd like the journal and the work in it to perform in the culture is to question assumptions," MacDuffie says.  "Simply by not taking the paradigm as a given, major breakthroughs are possible.  We just want to help tilt the perspective a little," she says. 

The journal is named after a body of water that once existed where the south parking lot for Northgate is now, and employs for its logo an I Ching hexagram symbolizing "groundwater invisibly present in the earth," just as the "power of a people remains invisibly present."

More information is available on SQUARE LAKE's web site, www.squarelake.com.

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To download a 2.3 megabtye tiff of Editor L.A. Heberlein, click here

To download a 1.2-megabtye tiff of poetry editor Carrington MacDuffie, click here.

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For More Information

Email editor@squarelake.com.
Call Heberlein at (206) 706-4169.