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Cover Photo 2002 Levon Parian

Editor's Note:
The View from Denny Hill

John William Kulm
    A Shovel
    So Sleepy

Marge Piercy
    Housed in Winter

Jody Aliesan
Winter Solstice 2001

Jill McGrath
    Riding to Kakani
    Somewhere Between
Under Mt. Rinjani

Molly Tenenbaum
I Didn't Get Far

John Olson
    The Day Was Gloves

J. Glenn Evans
    Day I Lost Four Jaw Teeth

Edward Harkness
Crazy Snow

Kat Meads

Thomas Hubbard
    Herman and Edith Bailey
Raymond Moses, Early June

David Thornburgh
    Clean Sheets for Dreaming
The Venus of Willendorf

Carol Colin
    Interview Question Number Nine:
    How Come No Women Are on the List Here?

Tina Kelley
    Louisa and Her Son

Jon Shemerdiak

Joe Taylor
    Her Green Eyes, His Thin Fingers:
    A Tale of Infinite Love