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Our Name

At about latitude 47 42' 8" N.,  longitude 122 19' 22" W., in what is now the city of Seattle, Washington, U.S.A., was once a body of water known as Square Lake, through which flowed Thornton Creek.  It is now a parking lot.

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Our Logo

The hexagram Shih in the I Ching shows the trigram K'un, or Earth, above K'an, or Water.  Shih thus symbolizes the groundwater stored invisibly in the earth, in the same way that power rests, invisible but always ready for use, in the people.

The Square Lake logo was created by Matt Coppins.

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Our Philosophy

Square Lake seeks to print fresh poetry and fiction that challenge assumptions and change the reader.   See the editor's letter from our first issue.

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Who We Are

Square Lake is published by Square Lake, Inc., a Washington corporation.  The people behind it are:

    Editor:              L.A. Heberlein
    Poetry Editor:    Carrington MacDuffie   

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Contact Information

Square Lake
6041 Palatine Ave. N.
Seattle, WA 98103